When it comes to building a passive income, real estate investing is a popular choice. While there are many reasons that real estate is a good investment, here are the top five.

  1. Your Investment Allows Tax-Deferred Returns

With real estate, you can make your money work for you by investing in the form of ownership. You hold an interest in a property and, as long as that property is generating income, you are collecting tax-free gains from your investment. However, there are some stipulations. Income must be either net or at the time of sale to be tax-free.

  1. You Can Avoid Tenants and Their Issues

If you own real estate, you have the final say in how your property looks and feels, as well as who gets to use it. In other words, if a tenant causes damage to the space or otherwise violates their lease terms, the landlord (you) can be held liable for damages. 

This isn’t an issue with passive income real estate investing, as any issues a tenant may have with the property would need to be taken directly up with you.

  1. You Can Avoid Banks

With passive real estate investing, your investment in a real estate company allows you to avoid working with banks directly. Rather than having to wade through the process of getting a loan to purchase real estate, you get started by investing in a company that allows you to buy into their assets.

  1. You Make Money While Working with Experienced Investors

When you partner with a real estate company, you benefit from their expertise and experience as they do a majority of the heavy lifting for you. You can get started without worrying about having to manage properties on your own.

  1. Your Cash Gets Put to Work

With passive investing, once you make your initial investment, all that’s left is to watch your cash grow. There’s no time spent worrying about maintenance or day-to-day issues with tenants. You’re free to sit back and watch as your investment generates income for you.

When building a passive income, consider investing in real estate, especially passive income real estate investing.