Real estate agents need clients to succeed. That’s simple enough to grasp, but actually getting those clients can be anything but, especially if you’re just starting out or in an area with fierce competition.

Thankfully, these easy real estate marketing tips can do wonders for your ability to attract new clients.

  1. Websites Are Essential

It’s an online world, and we’re all just living and doing business in it. If you want to succeed in any industry these days, you need an online presence, which means a website as well as a Facebook and Twitter account at minimum.

Of course, simply having a website with a few pretty pictures and a brief bio isn’t going to attract much attention, which is why you’ll want to outfit it with features such as videos and a blog. The latter can help generate online traffic as you write (or hire SEO experts to write) and post articles with keywords and locations relevant to your location and practice.

  1. Email Marketing

On top of attracting new clients, you want to keep old ones in the loop. You can achieve both by setting up email marketing schemes that blast out newsletters and other pertinent announcements. Ideally, you should customize your email marketing lists so the content you send out is as relevant and personalized as possible to those getting it.

  1. Local Business Partnerships

Real estate agents typically have good relationships with businesses in the area. Use those to your advantage to get sponsored open houses and other events going that can help get your name out there with these business’s help.

  1. Maintain an Instagram

Instagram is the leading online platform for picture sharing right now, which is a huge part of the real estate game. Take professional, eye-catching pictures of the homes and areas you wish to show off, post them to Instagram, tag them with the relevant hashtags, and watch your exposure grow.

  1. Create a Profile on Zillow

More people than ever are looking to websites and apps for their real estate needs. Zillow is one of the biggest players in the game, so creating a website on the site can significantly increase your chances of getting new clients.

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to attract new clients to your real estate business in no time.